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one of a kind Basket Form in Porcelain
Basket Form, porcelain
12" wide x 13" high with wooden handle

mossy blue-green matt glaze

one of a kind Porcelain Teapot with Driftwood Handle
Teapot with Driftwood Handle
6" wide x 7" high including handle

This glaze is "Patricia's Oatmeal" on porcelain. The green overlap is New Orleans Green. (The handle, made by nature.)

one of a kind Copper Red Platter in Porcelain
Copper Red Platter, porcelain
platter 12" - 14"

Three copper glazes: Shinsha, Simply Red and Coleman's

one of a kind Landscape Platter in Porcelain
Landscape Platter, porcelain
platter 12" - 14" $125.00
plate 10" $50.00

Dark sky and sea, "Susan's Blue." With Emily's Purple and New Orleans green

one of a kind Landscape Bowl in Porcelain
Landscape Bowl, porcelain
6" - 7" wide

Originally inspired by the landscape of central Tibet, these bowls may also reflect the mountains of Vermont and Colorado. Multiple layered glazes outside; deep copper red glaze inside.

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